My era of commits

I committed myself to commit something every single day. To just improve the world a little piece every day. GitHub is not the only way how to achieve that of course. However, I have multiple projects there that really need some attention and improvements. So this is what I selected for now as a metrics of my goal.
I do not have a defined time for how long I am going to continue with this. So far I find it fun and it looks cool in the statistics. I am likely to stop/pause this while I will be on our honey moon this summer (come on, I can be committed but I am not a workaholic).
So far this resulted in the following benefits:
  • I really do something on those projects everyday, even when I am tired and not in a mood for it. Usually this can be overcome easily, it is just sufficient to start.
  • The projects move forward in big leaps and there are no periods of radio silence.
  • I managed to implement even features I would not think I could do that easily.
  • The projects are getting public interest, I managed to attract more students to do their seminar works or internship on them.
  • I learned many new things, it is easier for me to stay in touch with recent technology news and watch what is new on the Internet.
What are your commitments to make the world a better place to live?



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