Vintage photo style in Gimp

I was seeking for some way how to make a vintage effect to photos in Gimp. I discovered several tutorials and combined them together to something that works for me. Here is the recipe mainly for me not to forget it.

  1. Create three layers in the picture and fill them with colors. Listing their attributes from top to bottom in the Layers window:
    • Some "computer" blue color, the one like in old Dos times. I used 0949e9, Opacity around 17. Layer mode Screen.
    • Some pink color around e865b3, opacity 20, layer mode Screen.
    • Light yellow, like yellow paper for taking notes. My color is fbf2a3, opacity around 60, layer mode Multiply.
    • Now goes the original layer.
  2. Increase contrast to something around 21 in the original layer.
  3. Slightly decrease Hue (-9), increase Lightness (+9), and lower Saturation (-30).
  4. You can further add dark corners. Create a new layer right above the original picture. Use Eclipse selection tool to select the whole picture. Feather selection by reasonable amount of pixels (depends on the photo size, I use 150-400px). Invert selection and fill the corners with black. Set the layer opacity as desired.

More glares can be added by a separate multiplied layer with white and yellow color paintings.

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